Karen L. Landau specializes in appellate and postconviction representation, including criminal sentencing proceedings. She handles both civil and criminal appeals. Ms. Landau has practiced in these areas since 1993. Prior to that time, she served for five years at the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Ms. Landau is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service to her clients.

Why Hire An Appellate Specialist?

There are significant benefits to hiring an attorney who specializes in appellate and postconviction practice. Appellate lawyers have skills that are different from those of a trial lawyer. Among other things, an appellate lawyer’s job is to carefully sift through the record and identify what issues can be presented to give the client the best chance for a reversal, a new trial, or a lower sentence. The best appellate lawyers think creatively, developing legal arguments with nuances that may not have occurred to others. The preparation of a convincing appellate brief also requires attention to detail, the ability to conduct in-depth research, and a grasp of subtle distinctions and legal trends.

Special Skills

One of the most important skills that a qualified appellate lawyer has is persuasive writing. While many lawyers can identify the arguments that should be made on appeal, not all can present them convincingly to the Court. A skilled appellate lawyer knows how to select the best legal arguments for appeal and present them in a manner that will catch the Court’s attention.

Additionally, many cases benefit substantially from having a new perspective on appeal. Employing a different attorney for your appeal may result in the identification of legal arguments or issues overlooked by former counsel.

An Appellate Specialist Can Provide Higher Quality Representation at a Lower Cost.

Appellate specialists also can provide the most cost-effective representation on appeal. Because of Ms. Landau’s expertise in appellate practice, she can keep costs down while ensuring that the written briefs produced are of the highest quality.

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